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42 Vibes Collection Encaustic Paintings Missy Tripp Ronquillo Art

42 Vibes Collection

These vibes are designed to stir the subtle energies within and around us, encouraging a deeper connection with the underlying vibrations that compose our reality. Each suggests a presence that can be felt with the inner senses, an experience beyond the limits of the physical world that can awaken the spiritual essence within the seeker.

42 Vibes Collection Encaustic Paintings Missy Tripp Ronquillo Art

Collect Uprising & Phoenix Rising



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40 Encaustic
Mood Rings

40 Vibes 5_x5_ encaustic Painting By Missy Tripp Ronquillo_edited.jpg

The collection of 40 "5"x5" Encaustic Mood Rings" is an intimate exploration of the emotional spectrum. Each piece, crafted with the unique warmth and depth of encaustic art, reflects a different facet of my inner journey. From moments of profound introspection to peaks of unbridled joy, these paintings capture the essence of my experiences with a palpable intensity. More than just artworks, they act as conduits to the soul, expressing in color and texture what words often cannot. Each piece is a personal reflection, a moment of connection between my world and yours, offering a glimpse into the diverse landscape of human emotion.

Choose Your Mood Ring

In creating pricing these pieces, I envisioned them coming together in harmony - Just as emotions blend and balance

within us.

Choose Your Mood Ring Abstract Encaustic painting Missy Tripp Ronquillo

Mix and Match
Mood Rings

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