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Details Encaustic Abstract Painting Missy Tripp Ronquillo


Born from a summer teeming with creative tumult, the "42 Vibes" collection stands as a testament to my personal quest for purpose.


Featuring 42 encaustic paintings, each 5"x5" piece in this collection—my 'Encaustic Mood Rings'—reflects the emotional journey I've undertaken, from deep reflection to sheer joy. These artworks are more than visual delights; they are a deep dive into my soul, each a story in itself. Accompanying these are two prominent 36"x36" pieces that capture the essence of this artistic voyage.


With a palette marked by stark contrasts and strokes reminiscent of nature's intricacies, this collection invites you to feel and experience beyond sight, to engage with every hue's narrative.


More than mere art, "42 Vibes" is a dialogue of emotions, perceptions, and experiences, transforming each sentiment into a visual metaphor. This collection isn't just about painting images; it's about capturing the essence of life, in all its vibrancy and complexity.

Encaustic Mood Rings Abstract art Missy Tripp Ronquillo


Uprising  is a dynamic encaustic painting that captures the essence of resilience and transformation. Bold, fiery hues of red and orange clash and blend with calming blues and purples, symbolizing a passionate uprising against adversity. The textured layers of wax create a sense of movement and depth, embodying the spirit of liberation and the triumph of the human will. This piece is a vibrant testament to growth, strength, and the unyielding force of the human spirit.

Pheonix Rising

"Phoenix Rising" is a striking painting that vividly captures the essence of rebirth and renewal. With vibrant flames rendered in rich, warm hues of reds, oranges, and golds, the painting symbolizes the legendary phoenix's rise from ashes. The bold, sweeping strokes convey a sense of motion and transformation, embodying the theme of overcoming adversity to emerge stronger. This artwork is not just a visual spectacle but a powerful representation of resilience and the enduring spirit of renewal.


The collection of 40 "5"x5" Encaustic Mood Rings" is an intimate exploration of the emotional spectrum. Each piece, crafted with the unique warmth and depth of encaustic art, reflects a different facet of my inner journey. From moments of profound introspection to peaks of unbridled joy, these paintings capture the essence of my experiences with a palpable intensity. More than just artworks, they act as conduits to the soul, expressing in color and texture what words often cannot. Each piece is a personal reflection, a moment of connection between my world and yours, offering a glimpse into the diverse landscape of human emotion.

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