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Set of 24 5_x5_ Encaustic Abstract Paintings By Missy Tripp Ronquillo_edited.jpg

Choose Your
Mood Ring

How to Choose Your "Encaustic Mood Ring"


Step One: Explore and Connect

- Begin your journey by lingering through the collection of 40 enchanting paintings. Take your time and let each piece speak to you. Which Vibe resonates with your spirit? Feel the emotions and stories each one holds, and notice which of these "Mood Rings" captures the essence of your current state or desired energy.


Step Two: Make Your Selection

- If a single piece calls out to you, note its Vibe number. However, if you're drawn to multiple pieces and wish to collect them as a group, jot down the Vibe numbers of each painting that you feel connected to.


Step Three: Claim Your Vibes

- Once you have selected your desired pieces, simply email your Vibe numbers to

We will prepare a special collection for you.


Step Four: Finalize Your Collection

- After receiving your email, we will send you an invoice for your chosen pieces. 


Enjoy the Process!

- Remember, this is more than just selecting a painting; it's about finding a piece of art that resonates with your soul. Have fun exploring and connecting with the "Encaustic Mood Rings."


I can't wait to see which Vibes you choose to bring into your life! 

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