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Observing the world through a colorful lens 

Summer Sunset Abstract Art

Sounds Of Summer

Living with artwork that centers around the energy of summer—

Sounds,light geometric patterns created by standing waves and

fractal patterns,

All reflecting the collective consciousness of a vibrant coastal town during summer.

Unique Abstract Paintings that Allude to the Unknown. 

Missy Tripp Ronquillo Fine Artist Second Logo

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Large abstract landscape paintings, cold wax & oil paintings that are inspired by the coastal scenery. Perfect for year-round decor, they evoke the beach and serve as stylish reminders of your favorite vacation spots.


"Sounds of Summer" captures the vibrant energy of a coastal summer—echoes of sounds and light, intricate patterns, and subtle symbols of growth. Each piece reflects the lively spirit of a seaside town, resonating with the essence of summer.

4th of July on OKI Abstract Painting

Sounds of Summer Collection
"4th of July on OkI"
30"x 40"

July 4th on OKI Abstract Art
Details  Just a girl living in a shibumi world_edited.jpg
Just A girl Living in A Shibumi World

Of Summer

Interior shot of abstract painting Shibumi world

"I'm Just a Girl Living in a Shibumi World"


Layered / Modern / Fun

Landscape and memory inspired abstract paintings.  All cold wax and oil .

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Artist hands details Abstract art

Welcome to My Studio


Hello, I'm Missy, an artist specializing in abstract and mixed media creations. At present, my passion centers on the intriguing textures and rich visual depth of Cold Wax and Encaustic techniques. Creating art is my playground and sanctuary—it offers me a space to explore, to experiment, and ultimately, to share this joy and energy with you, my collectors.


At the heart of my artistic journey is the translation of life’s experiences into visual metaphors. Each emotion, perception, and experience is transformed into mental imagery that I bring to life on my canvases. My work is not about replicating scenes or objects; I strive to paint the essence of sound, movement, and emotions. Through vibrant hues and dynamic compositions, I invite you to see the world as I perceive it—an ever-evolving tableau of vivid expressions.

Hi I am Missy Fine Artist
Details Summer Storm

Sounds  of Summer Collection
"Summer Storm"

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Eternal Summer of Frequencies Cold wax and Oil painting

Colleen G. Oak Island, NC

"I was immediately drawn to this piece.  There is so much movement and depth and the colors are perfect!  Missy puts her heart and soul in to all her art and I couldn’t be happier to display this piece in our home!!"

Studio Journal 

I enjoy penning down my thoughts in between

creating art.

Dive into my poetry, explore the explanations behind my creative process, and stay informed about future events.

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