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The Veil - Harmonizing with Visual Vibrations: Unifying Our Inner duality

Welcome the strength within you and allow "Visual Vibration" to be your compass.

This harmonic blend of sound, colors, and movement unveils the concealed layers of your self-identity: grace, sophistication, resilience, bliss, absolution, and flow.

"Dissolving Duality" takes you on an introspective expedition into the essence of your existence. It's about acknowledging and articulating your true self, confidently stepping on the radiant path of the rainbow connection.

The two art pieces I'm unveiling today,

"Visual Vibration"


"Dissolving Duality"

are a tribute to the journey of self-discovery and the acceptance of one's true identity. Each painting is an invitation to delve deeper into the realm of authenticity, urging you to explore the uncharted territories within yourself.

Visual Vibration

Poem By: Missy Tripp Ronquillo

In the grand tapestry of existence, our hearts often yearn for a sense of purpose, a distinct space where our private internal worlds can seamlessly interweave with the grand cosmic theatre of the universe.

This longing is akin to a visual vibration - a concept that serves as a metaphorical nexus, bridging our internal chasms with symbolic precision.

We, as beings, are a rich mosaic of varied hues - a graceful dance of elegance, a wellspring of indomitable strength, and an inherent predisposition for joy.

We possess a deeply rooted harmony and a capacity for forgiveness that often slumbers unseen beneath the surface of our everyday lives.

These latent attributes quietly nestle within us, awaiting the perfect moment of revelation.

Visualize a rainbow, in the aftermath of a refreshing rain shower, where a multitude of colors come together to create a breathtaking panorama.

Each distinct shade coexists and melds with the others, culminating in a unified visual symphony that stands as a testament to the wisdom of nature.

This rainbow serves as a metaphor for our own existence within the vast cosmic arena. Each unique color - each individual attribute - contributes to the grand ballet of life. They interweave and harmonize, adding their own unique stroke to the larger picture of our existence, thereby defining the narrative of our lives.

Within the dormant corners of our souls lies a boundless potential, and in the act of discovery, we wield the power to transform.

As we awaken and embrace these aspects, we allow our authentic selves to blossom, thereby bringing the visual vibration to life.

This metaphor serves as a guide, a beacon that illuminates the path towards a deeper understanding of

life's profound meaning.

The eyes with which we view this spectacle are opened wide, reveling in the full spectrum of existence that

life has to offer.

Dissolving Duality

Poem By : Missy Tripp Ronquillo

Duality, they say, is a paradox of our existence, Yet here we stand, on the precipice of dissolution. An introspective expedition calls us forth, An exploration into the essence of our being.

The mirror reflects, yet what does it truly show? An image, a persona, a carefully crafted mask? Peel away the layers, the expectations, the pretense, Step onto the radiant path of self-discovery.

The path shines with a spectrum of colors, The visual vibration of a rainbow connection. It hums with life, with the energy of the cosmos, A harmonic dance of sound, light, and movement.

As we stride forward, acknowledging our truth, We articulate the self that lies beneath the surface. Confidently, we assert our authentic selves, Voicing the melodies and dissonances of our inner symphony.

A veil lifts, a world unfurls before us, Each step, an invitation to engage more deeply. Colors bloom brighter, sounds echo louder, The world is alive with the music of existence.

Space and time, mere constructs of the conscious mind, Start to wane under the radiant glow of authenticity. We transcend their limits, their linear confines, Embracing a spiritual experience that exists beyond love.

The journey of "Dissolving Duality" is not one of erasure, But rather, a celebration of the multiplicity within us. In understanding our multitudes, we find unity, In acknowledging our complexities, we find our truth.

The paradox of duality dissolves, Not into sameness, but into harmonious diversity. In the radiant dance of existence, We find joy, we find ourselves, we find love.

Meditation Prompt:

The Veil - Harmonizing with Visual Vibrations: Unifying Our Inner duality

For this meditation, find a comfortable space where you feel secure and relaxed. Allow your eyes to close and your body to soften.

Breathe in deeply, hold for a moment, then slowly exhale. Repeat this pattern, allowing each breath to bring calm and relaxation. With each exhale, feel as though you are releasing tension and stress from your body.

Now, visualize a powerful wave of vibrational energy surrounding you. This is your "Visual Vibration." It is composed of colors, sounds, and movements that uniquely represent you. As this wave of energy envelops you, tune into its rhythm, feel its power, and notice how it resonates within you.

Within this wave, identify the qualities of grace, elegance, strength, joy, forgiveness, and harmony. They might appear as different colors, varying sound frequencies, or specific movements. Allow yourself to feel these qualities, understand them, and let them resonate with your being.

Now, bring your focus to any perceived duality within yourself. These could be conflicting emotions, contradictory beliefs, or any internal discord. As you encounter these dualities, do not judge or resist them. Simply acknowledge their existence.

As you breathe in, imagine each breath infusing these dualities with your visual vibration's energy. As you breathe out, visualize these dualities dissolving and harmonizing with your core essence. Continue this visualization until you feel a sense of unity within yourself.

Now, imagine yourself stepping onto a radiant path – your unique rainbow connection. This path represents your journey towards authenticity and self-expression. It is vibrant, radiant, and filled with the same energy that you have harmonized within yourself.

As you conclude this meditation, carry this sensation of harmony and unity with you. Keep the knowledge that you have the power to dissolve any duality within you and step confidently onto your path of authenticity. Open your eyes when you feel ready.

Remember, this journey is yours, and it is ongoing. Feel free to return to this meditation whenever you wish to reconnect with your visual vibration and your unified self.

With love and light, and most importantly, with joy,

XOXO, Missy


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