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42 Vibes Collection is Live on my Website!!!

“The Radiant Dance of Days”

A Poem

By: MissyTripp Ronquillo

A dawn transitions with a radiance that steps beyond the last. Mornings are brimming with hope as the sun delicately emerges, leaving a sprinkle of brilliance over the dew-kissed leaves.

The lively interplay of daylight and life characterizes noon, which revels in the sun’s golden hues. As dusk descends, it feels like thousands of roses silently narrate their secrets to the moon while the solo performance of the night star creates an enchanting lullaby.

Thunderstorms encapsulate power and vitality with each lightning flash marking a mesmerizing spectacle. The echoing thunder notes become an atmospheric symphony, leaving a sense of awe.

Even on the most bitter of winter nights, an inviting fireplace radiates warmth. Seamlessly, it counters the chill, spreading a tranquil light within and beyond, advocating a sense of comfort and affection.

This is not a drab, ordinary existence, but a mosaic of vibrant experiences. A dance of elements unfolds presenting an extraordinary life, ignited by the sparkle of some beautiful unseen magic.

Today, I write to you with a heart brimming with a myriad of emotions. It's a significant moment – the unveiling of the "42 Vibes" collection, a project that's not just been a journey in art but also a journey of

the soul.

The Journey to "42 Vibes"

The path to completing the "42 Vibes" collection has been akin to the creative process itself - unpredictable, meandering, and full of discovery. In recent times, I've been absent, caught up in the whirlwind of bringing this vision to life, and I apologize for the silence. Yet, as we often discover, timing has its own mysterious way of aligning with what's meant to be.

A Heartfelt Introduction

It's with immense joy and a bit of nervous excitement that I introduce you to "42 Vibes". This past week, a select group of collectors experienced this collection firsthand, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. To know that ten of these creations have already found a new place to call home is incredibly heartening, especially after the unforeseen delays in unveiling this collection.

Explore "42 Vibes" Online

The entire "42 Vibes" collection is now available for you to explore on my website: ]( I invite you to immerse yourself in this vibrant world that has been my sanctuary, my canvas, and my story.

The Essence of the Collection

Birthed from a summer charged with creative ferment, "42 Vibes" symbolizes my own search for meaning and purpose. The collection features 42 encaustic paintings, each a 5"x5" window into my emotional landscape, which I've lovingly termed 'Encaustic Mood Rings'. From reflective depths to exhilarating highs, these pieces traverse the emotional spectrum. Complementing these are two larger 36"x36" paintings – the pivotal anchors of this artistic voyage.

With love and light, and most importantly, with joy,

XOXO, Missy

P.S. Each piece in "42 Vibes" is an invitation to explore, feel, and connect. Discover the one that speaks to you. 🌟


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