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Diving Deep into the White Noise Collection: A Journey from Paris to San Miguel De Allende

Each canvas silently narrates stories, crafting narratives with every brushstroke and shade it holds. My recent collection, titled "White Noise," draws inspiration from a transcontinental journey that began amidst the romantic boulevards of Paris, France, and found its crescendo in the vibrant byways of San Miguel De Allende, Mexico.

There was an enchantment in the fleeting moments; those split-second encounters, ephemeral glimpses of light and shadow, whispers of tales long-forgotten, or perhaps the muted hum of a city at twilight.

Each of these sensations, though momentarily experienced, found a permanent residence in my mind. It's often said that art is the mirror to an artist's soul. But what if it's more than just a mirror? What if it's a window, a portal, granting viewers a passage into the artist's deepest emotions, memories, and dreams?

With "White Noise," I endeavored to transpose the imagery etched in my mind onto the canvas. It's my ode to the often overlooked moments, a tribute to the unsung emotions, and an invitation to the viewer to see, feel, and experience what often remains unseen and uncelebrated. Through these paintings, I'm not just sharing my journey; I'm inviting you to embark on one of your own.

The Inspiration:

For the "White Noise" collection, the journey began in the romantic streets of Paris, France and culminated in the vibrant and culturally rich alleys of San Miguel De Allende, Mexico.

Paris, with its rich history, iconic architecture, and the ethereal quality of the Lutetian limestone that gives the city its characteristic glow, offered a

myriad of inspirations. Each nook and cranny of the "City of Light" holds stories waiting to be told, whispered amidst the bustling streets and quiet corners.

On the other hand, San Miguel De Allende thrums with a different energy. The city pulsates with color, life, and tradition. The streets resonate with the history of generations and the city's palette bursts with the vibrancy of Mexican culture.

The Essence:

An unexpected encounter, a fleeting shadow, or a passing fragrance can be so evocative that it imprints upon the soul. Such moments, brief yet profound, have been captured and immortalized in the "White Noise" collection. Each piece in the collection holds a story, a memory, a glimpse of something that, while difficult to define, is undeniably felt.

What we feel, see, hear, and experience constantly shapes our perception of the world around us. Yet, how often do we stop to truly acknowledge these ephemeral moments? The "White Noise" collection aims to bring these intangible experiences to life. By translating them onto canvas, they are given form, substance, and voice.

The Technique:

The combination of cold wax and encaustic painting adds a rich texture to the artwork. Cold wax, with its malleable nature, allows for the layering, scraping, and molding of the surface, lending each piece a tactile quality. Encaustic painting, an ancient technique using molten beeswax combined with colored pigments, adds luminosity and depth to each stroke. The outcome is a series of artworks that beckon viewers not only to see but to feel.

The "White Noise" collection is more than just a series of paintings. It's an invitation to experience the world through the artist's eyes. To traverse the streets of Paris, to soak in the vibrant atmosphere of San Miguel De Allende, and to immerse oneself in the myriad of emotions that travel evokes. Through this collection, viewers are reminded to cherish the fleeting moments, to find beauty in the ordinary, and to always, always listen to the white noise of their surroundings.

Would you like to hear the playlist that fueled my creative process for this collection?

With love and light, and most importantly, with joy,

XOXO, Missy


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