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THE VIEL Collection:The Veil - Unraveling a Tale of Authenticity and Connection

These two paintings you are about to view guides us through the captivating journey from the turbulence of our inner psyche and the collective consciousness to the powerful sensation of being


This journey leads us to a moment of release and introspection, a point where we stumble into the

"Liberation of Illusion".

These two paintings, though distinctly unique in their aesthetics, share a harmonious soul.

They engage with the spectrum of joy – in sound, light, movement, and color – embarking on a journey that transcends the constraints of space and time.

It's a journey that untangles from the chaos into the radiant light of joy, acknowledging that the layers and strings that once held you back can transform into love.

Embracing this spiritual experience beyond the realm of love, we give grace to our past and allow ourselves to experience joy in its fullest measure.

As you engage with this collection and its accompanying poetry and meditations, I hope you feel a sense of lightness, a touch of tranquility. With love, light, and abundant joy, I invite you to continue this journey with me.

Big Time Poem By:Missy Tripp Ronquillo In the heart of the forest, shadows tangled like past, Trees whisper ancient tales, of traumas amassed. Leaves rustle with memories, both vivid and vast, Their symphony a reminder, of our personal past. The sun pierces the canopy, casting spots of bright, Slicing through the chaos, with its radiant light. A beacon amidst tumult, a symbol of might, Leading us from shadow, into joy so right. Water rushes over stones, time etched in their form, The river's course a testament, to weathering the storm. Through turbulent currents, new paths are worn, Into the river of time, our narratives are born. Beneath the sky's expanse, we stand small and grand, From dust of stars, to touch of hand, We are both the artist, and the land, In nature's gallery, we understand. The canvas of life, painted with experiences broad, A journey of connection, a dance with the odd. Transcending space and time, in nature's applaud, We find our truth, in the natural facade. The painting of existence, a tale of love and light, A spectrum of joy, in sound, sight, and flight. From the forest's heart, to the river's might,

We continue the journey, into the 'Big Time' night.


Liberation From Illusions

Poem By Missy Tripp Ronquillo

Liberation is like a star shedding its cloak of night, breaking free from illusions, stepping into the light of authenticity. It is a journey through the vast cosmos, a dance with the inner child on the surface of a far-off planet bathed in

radiant starlight.

Here, sound weaves into the silence of space, creating a melody that reverberates across the infinite. Particles of light scatter, chasing each other in a dance that transcends time and space, painting a picture of pure joy.

Chaos gives birth to clarity as a meteor shower illuminates the sky, its trail blazes across the void. In its wake, fear is replaced with the freedom of liberation, the peace of knowing oneself, of being in sync with the universe.

Time and love are not mere constructs here.

They dissolve into the cosmic ocean, where each wave carries stories of liberation, of the journey from illusion to truth. An ocean deep and infinite, mirroring the starry night above, the cosmos itself.

It is a dance between the self and the cosmos, an intimate tango that blurs the lines of separation. The result is a unity, a completeness where the individual and the cosmos are no longer two, but one - an embodiment of the true self, the realization of the inner child's joy.

This is more than liberation. It's a transformation, a rebirth. In the dance of liberation from illusion, one finds a new rhythm, a new way to exist. It's not just about being free, it's about being true, being one with the universe, and embracing the joy that comes with it.

Meditation Prompt:

The Veil - Unraveling a Tale of Authenticity and Connection

Settle into a quiet and comfortable space where you won't be disturbed. Close your eyes and take a few moments to ground yourself in the present moment.

As you begin to quieten the chatter of your mind, visualize the turbulence of your inner psyche as a stormy sea. Recognize this as a representation of your past fears, your concerns, and any chaos you've held onto.

Picture a glimmering light in the distance, this is "BIG TIME", your personal strength and power. Begin to move towards it, realizing that the choppy waters are starting to calm. The turbulence is easing, turning into a gentle sway.

As you approach the light, allow yourself to feel the powerful sensation of being "BIG TIME". Embrace the feeling of conquering your inner chaos, of being able to navigate through the rough waters.

Now, imagine a bridge leading you away from "BIG TIME", towards a radiant beacon of light - this is the "Liberation of Illusion". Cross the bridge and step into the light. Allow the sensation of liberation to wash over you, releasing all the fears and illusions that have held you back.

Breathe in the harmony and peace that this space provides. Feel it pulsating within you, coloring your being with sound, light, movement, and the spectrum of joy. You are transcending the constraints of space and time, expressing a spiritual experience beyond the realm of love.

As you dwell in this space, allow yourself to feel lighter, more tranquil. Embrace the love, the light, and the abundant joy that resides here.

Take a few more deep breaths, anchoring yourself in this feeling of authenticity and connection. As you gently open your eyes, carry this feeling with you throughout your day. Remember, you can return to this space anytime you wish.

With love, light, and abundant joy, continue to navigate through your journey, knowing you have the tools to face whatever comes your way.

Thank you for reading, XOXO, Missy


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