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Together with me Recall_ the Sky of Paris.jpeg

Together with me, Recall: the Sky of Paris

Original Painting

6"x 6"

Encaustic & Cold Wax

Maple Frame


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Together with me Recall_ the Sky of Paris_edited.jpg
Together we recall the Paris Sky

"Together with me, Recall: the Sky of Paris" is an entrancing painting that transports its beholder straight to the heart of France's iconic capital city during a magical evening. As dusk descends upon the City of Light, the canvas is awash with a delicate gradient of colors. The sky, rendered in ethereal hues, transitions gently from a soft, pastel shade on the left to a deeper, contemplative tone on the right.


A myriad of bridges, each meticulously detailed, stretch across the Seine, connecting the city's two halves. These structures, depicted in all their architectural grandeur, become poetic symbols of unity, representing both the physical bridges that span the river and the metaphorical bridges that connect different moments in time.


Paris itself stands tall and proud, its silhouette etched against the evening sky. Buildings, old and new, rise with an elegant majesty, capturing the unique blend of history and modernity that characterizes this beloved city. Amid this urban beauty, one can't help but feel a profound sense of pride, a nod to the city's unmatched elegance and cultural significance.


But what indeed elevates this painting is the palpable magic that seems to permeate the air. There's an otherworldly quality to the scene, a mystique that suggests memories, dreams, and moments of reflection. Perhaps it's the gentle play of light on the water or the almost whimsical ambiance that the sky casts upon the city. Still, there's a sense of nostalgia, a beckoning to recall personal memories associated with this enchanting metropolis.


"Together with me, Recall: the Sky of Paris" is more than just a visual depiction; it's an invitation—a gentle whisper urging viewers to immerse themselves in their own memories of Paris, to recall the moments of wonder and to share in the collective memory of a city that has touched so many hearts.


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Together we recall the Paris Sky
Together we recall the Paris Sky
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