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The Dream We Had Was Paris

The Dream We Had Was Paris

Original Painting


Encaustic & Cold Wax

Maple Frame


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The Dream We Had Was Paris
The Dream We had was Paris

The aspiration was always Paris. A chance meeting, a fleeting sense of something elusive, a moment forever etched into my memory.

Every emotion we experience, each perception we have, and every interaction we encounter eventually morphs into imagery within our minds. My aim is to animate these mental pictures on canvas, offering observers a glimpse into the often unseen. In my 'White Noise' collection, I endeavor to transcribe onto canvas the emotions each moment in Paris evoked in me.

While I've journeyed to Paris multiple times, this trip was distinct. I absorbed each sound, every flavor, all the artistic expressions, the fashion, and the pigments. This painting takes me back to my adolescent dream of inhabiting the vibrant city of Paris and fulfilling my aspiration of becoming an artist.

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The Dream We had was Paris
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