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The City Of Lights

The City Of Lights

Original Painting

6"x 6"

Encaustic & Cold Wax

Maple Frame


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The City Of Lights
The City Of Lights

The "City of Lights" painting is a visually stunning ode to Paris, paying homage to its rich history and undeniable charm. At first glance, it is immediately apparent why Paris has been lovingly named the "City of Light". The canvas beautifully captures the soft, ambient glow from the gas street lamps that once illuminated Parisian streets in the 1860s. These golden luminescent dots are scattered throughout, providing a stark contrast to the dusky backdrop of the evening sky, and symbolizing the city's pioneering step into modern urban lighting.


But as one delves deeper into the painting, there's an underlying layer of meaning, a nod to a period of intense intellectual and cultural activity. Paris, during the 18th century's Age of Enlightenment, was a crucible for enlightened minds and revolutionary ideas. The artwork subtly portrays this with elements that echo the epoch's spirit—be it in the form of enlightened individuals depicted in the artwork or symbolisms of knowledge and progress.


The painting is not just a celebration of Paris's luminous appearance but also its luminous past. The soft, ethereal light from the lamps serves as a beacon, drawing the viewer into the heart of Paris, where shadows and light dance in harmony. Every corner, every building, and every street in the painting seems to whisper tales from an era when the city was a beacon for the world in more ways than one.


"City of Lights" is not merely a painting; it's an experience. One that beautifully intertwines Paris's tangible luminance with its intangible intellectual and cultural brilliance. Through this painting, one is reminded of the dual reasons that earned Paris its glowing title: a city that was not only among the first to light up its streets but also illuminated minds. Voila.

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The City Of Lights
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