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Summer Sunrise

Cold Wax & Oil

Original Painting

30" x 30"



Titled "Summer Sunrise," this painting captures the tranquil beauty of the beach at dawn during the summer months.


The artwork reflects that precious moment when the day's heat is yet to unfold, and the sun, still hidden, leaves the world in a serene quiet.


At this early hour, the beach becomes a personal sanctuary, untouched and entirely one's own.


In this piece, the cool and soothing blues merge with gentle strokes of warming yellows and calming whites, evoking the peaceful transition from night to day.


The composition mirrors the quiet of the early morning—soft yet vibrant, with the promise of a new day. The horizon is subtly delineated, suggesting the sun's impending rise, yet the scene remains dominantly tranquil and undisturbed.


"Summer Sunrise" is a tribute to the solitude and beauty of the morning hours on the beach, a time when one can truly feel at one with the natural surroundings, enveloped by the soft murmurs of the sea and the cool, early morning air.

Summer Sunrise 30"x 30"

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