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Resonant Sound of Summer

Cold Wax & Oil

Original Painting

30" x 30"




Titled "Resonant Sound of Summer," this painting beautifully embodies the concept of blossoming through resonating energy.


It captures the vibrant interplay of sounds, light, and geometric patterns that mimic the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of summer.


The artwork reflects a world of interfering frequencies and intricate fractal patterns, suggesting a continuous flux that is both chaotic and harmoniously aligned.


The canvas is awash with a spectrum of cool blues and warm, subtle oranges and reds, portraying the warmth of the sun and the cool depth of the sea.


These elements blend to create a visual experience that feels like hearing the soothing yet powerful sounds of summer waves.


The abstract forms and bursts of color throughout the painting stimulate a sense of growth and emergence, as if the very essence of summer is coming alive on the canvas.


"Resonant Sound of Summer" is a visual journey, also an  auditory and almost tactile experience.


It invites viewers to feel the energy of summer—an energetic season of life, light, and continuous movement.


This piece is a celebration of the lively, ever-changing symphony of the season, resonating deeply with anyone who has felt the transformative power of summer.

Resonant Sound of Summer 30"x 30"

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