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July 4th on OKI

Cold Wax & Oil

Original Painting

30" x40"



Titled "July 4th on OKI," this vibrant abstract painting channels the exuberant spirit of Independence Day on Oak Island.


The artwork bursts with the colors of fireworks, vivid against a backdrop of crowded beaches, echoing with the joy and camaraderie of holiday celebrations.


Each brushstroke pulsates with the energy of community and festivity, capturing the laughter and lively conversations of those gathered.


As part of the "Sounds of Summer Collection," this piece reflects the essence of summer in a coastal town—capturing the interplay of sounds, light, and intricate patterns shaped by the natural phenomena of standing waves and fractal patterns.


"July 4th on OKI" not only visually represents the spectacle of fireworks but also encapsulates the auditory and emotional atmosphere of the scene.


Throughout the painting, hidden symbols like spirals, circles, and bursts of lines are intricately woven into the canvas, each representing a facet of growth and renewal.


These symbols, sometimes subtle and sometimes bold, symbolize the continual evolution of sound, light, and energy, enriching the narrative of a vibrant summer life portrayed in the Sounds of Summer Collection.

July 4th on OKI 30x40

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