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I'm Just a Girl Living in a Shibumi World

Cold Wax & Oil

Original Painting

30" x40"



Titled "I'm Just a Girl Living in a Shibumi World," this painting encapsulates the ambiance of a beach lined with Shibumi shades fluttering in the breeze.


A sea of Blue and Teal canopies stretches across the canvas, their forms captured in a riot of gentle blues and greens that mimic the ocean's calming presence.


Amid this tranquil scene, the focal point is a solitary figure: a girl with her beach umbrella and chair, engrossed in a book by the water's edge.


The artwork vividly portrays a moment of peaceful solitude, contrasting the busy summer energy with a personal haven of quiet relaxation.


The delicate interplay of colors and forms invites viewers into this soothing beachscape, evoking the soft rustle of Shibumis and the rhythmic lapping of waves.

I'm Just a Girl Living in a Shibumi World 30"x40"

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