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Eternal Summer of Frequencies 

Cold Wax & Oil

Original Painting

30" x40"



Titled "Eternal Summer of Frequencies," this painting vibrantly encapsulates the perpetual energy of a coastal town during the summer months.


This painting captures the dynamic shift of energy from the tranquil winter calm to the lively spurts that bookend the summer season, particularly in a tourist destination.


These vibrations elevate us, allowing us to be swept up in the collective consciousness of the entire beach community.


Can you sense the onset of summer just by gazing at this canvas?  


The artwork embodies this transition, vibrating with the anticipation and energy that define these vibrant months.


It  is a symphony of sounds, light, and geometric patterns—inspired by the natural rhythms of standing waves and intricate fractal patterns that mirror the collective spirit of the community.


Each brushstroke and color blend in this piece abstractly portrays the beloved facets of summer: from the vivid, tropical festivities to the diverse hues that define each scene, translating not just visual beauty but also auditory sensations into a visual form.


As part of the "Sounds of Summer Collection," "Eternal Summer of Frequencies" goes beyond traditional representation to evoke the essence of summer living.


Hidden throughout the canvas are symbols of growth and emergence, such as spirals, circles, and bursts of lines. These are not merely artistic expressions but are carefully integrated to represent fragments of sound, light, and energy, making each symbol a vital part of the artwork's narrative.


This piece invites viewers to experience the eternal vibrancy of summer—a season of light and sound, forever captured in the timeless dance of colors and forms.

Eternal Summer of Frequencies 30"x40"

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