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Procession of Conchero Dancers

Procession of Conchero Dancers

Original Painting

10"x 10"

Encaustic & Cold Wax

Maple Frame


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Procession of Conchero Dancers
Procession of Conchero Dancers_edited.png

"Procession of Conchero Dancers" is an evocative painting that encapsulates a vivid and vibrant slice of Mexican culture. The scene unfolds at the edge of a cobbled street, where the viewer stands as a silent observer, enveloped by a celebration that is deeply steeped in history and cultural pride. The focal point of the artwork is the colorful parade of Conchero dancers, who sweep through the scene with an electrifying energy.


Dressed in pre-Hispanic costumes, they bear an exotic array of colors that punctuate the canvas. Their traditional attire, resplendent with feathers of vibrant blues, fiery reds, and sunlit yellows, whips around them as they dance, adding a dynamic and kinetic component to the composition.  The dancers' faces are lifted in songs of jubilant celebration, their voices resonating through the air, a silent symphony portrayed through brush strokes. The expressions of joy, pride, and deep concentration on their faces hint at the rich history and tradition that is being kept alive through their performance.  As the viewer's gaze follows the dancers, they can almost feel the feathers floating gently through the air, adding a dreamlike quality to the scene.


The use of color and light in the painting evokes a sense of the festive atmosphere, where the air is thick with music and laughter, every note and chuckle seeping into the cobblestones. The painting does not merely depict the scene; it transports viewers to the edge of that street, allowing them to witness this ancient tradition firsthand. It is a sensory feast where the sounds of triumphant songs fill the air, the colors of the dancers' costumes dazzle the eyes, and the rich tapestry of cultural history evokes a sense of awe. 


"Procession of Conchero Dancers" is a masterful portrayal of cultural celebration, a vibrant, moving spectacle that beautifully bridges the past with the present. It is an homage to the enduring spirit of the Concheros, their commitment to tradition, and their joyous celebration of life.

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Procession of Conchero Dancers_edited.jpg
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