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A Glimpse into Encaustic Abstract Paintings and Poetry Exploring our Innermost Depths

Unveiling the Veil:

A Journey to Authenticity and Connection

When the veil lifts, it's akin to a foggy morning transformed by the tender caress of the sun. It feels as though the soft mist that once clouded our perception dissipates, rev

ealing a world of radiant clarity and unfiltered authenticity. This transformative process is not just about viewing the world in high-definition but also about witnessing our true selves - the raw, untouched, and unadulterated versions that exist beyond societal pretenses or self-imposed facades.

This unveiling, this revelation, facilitates a deep and profound connection with our planet. It gently nudges us to contemplate our existence not as the centerpiece but as humble participants within an intricate and extraordinary ecosystem. Our roles, no matter how insignificant they may seem, form a beautiful symbiosis with nature's grandeur, mirroring its harmony and balance.

When we lift the veil, we resonate with the symphony of existence. The whisper of the wind, the gleaming warmth of the sun, the rhythmic ballet of the waves, the euphony of rustling leaves, and the vibrant dance of colors in a blossoming garden - each of these elements reverberates within us, enveloping us in a blanket of pure joy.

This joy, however, transcends the physical realm, unfettered by the constraints of space and time. It draws us into a spiritual odyssey, a journey that offers experiences far more profound and meaningful than mere expressions of love. As we tread this path, we discover a sublime world that lies beyond the tangible, a world that lures us into exploring the infinite expanse of our inner cosmos.

The Veil Collection, a series of paintings, journeys alongside this exploration of authenticity and our deep-rooted connection with the planet. Each piece echoes the resonant sound of truth, the vibrant light of honesty, the flowing movement of being, and the myriad colors of joy - all intertwined in a journey that transcends space and time. These artworks aim to express a spiritual experience that lies beyond the realm of love - an unveiling of our true selves.

Accompanying each painting is a poem or affirmation, carefully crafted during the creation of the artwork. Each piece is also paired with a meditation prompt to add depth to this shared exploration. I hope these prompts guide you in delving deeper into your inner layers, reflecting the theme of each painting.

Through viewing these paintings, engaging with the accompanying poetry, and participating in the meditations, my aspiration is that you will experience a certain lightness, a resonance that fills your soul with joy and peace.

This collection isn't merely a series of paintings; it's a testament to our shared human experience, our love for our home - our Earth, and the luminous connection that binds us all together. It invites us to celebrate the unveiling of our authenticity and revel in our beautiful interdependence.

The Veil Poem By: Missy Tripp Ronquillo In the quiet corners of existence, beneath life's veil we hide, A swirling mist of pretense, our authentic selves tucked inside. The moment arrives, a soft whisper of time, when the veil begins to ascend, Unmasking our truth, our being, our core, where the pretense comes to an end. The authenticity shines, a lighthouse in the storm, a beacon in the night, Resilient like an oak, standing tall, thriving in the purest light. We stand as part of a grand tapestry, stitched with nature's thread, An intricate bond with Earth, our shared song widespread. In the harmony of the universe, we find the symphony of joy, Echoing in the rustle of leaves, in the song of the coy. The vibrant hues of the sunrise, the graceful dance of the sea, A testament to life's movement, a ballet of being free. Bridging space and time, we traverse a path unseen, Transcending the physical realm, journeying to where we've never been. An experience more profound than love, a spiritual odyssey, Exploring an infinity within, a mystical litany. Bearing witness to the magnificence of existence, the grandeur of the world, We are but humble voyagers, in the cosmic mystery unfurled. When the veil lifts, and the truth comes into view, We see, we are the universe experiencing itself, ever-changing, ever-true.

Meditation Prompt: Unveiling Authenticity and Connection

Begin by finding a quiet, peaceful space where you won't be disturbed. Sit comfortably and close your eyes.

Take a few deep, cleansing breaths to settle your body and mind.

Visualize a veil covering your being. This veil represents any barriers, fears, or societal expectations that prevent you from expressing your authentic self.

Acknowledge its existence.

Now, imagine the veil starting to lift, gradually revealing your true self beneath. As it lifts, what do you see? What characteristics, passions, and values define this authentic self?

Reflect on the phrase "we are as humans relating to our planet." Imagine yourself as a part of Earth's grand ecosystem. Feel your connection to the trees, the oceans, the animals. How does this interconnectedness affect your view of yourself and your role in the world?

Shift your focus to the sensory experiences of joy. Visualize the sounds, lights, movements, and colors that bring you happiness. How do these sensations amplify your connection to the world around you and your authentic self?

Imagine yourself transcending the constraints of space and time, stepping into a realm of spiritual experiences that go beyond love. What does this realm look like? What emotions and insights arise as you explore this space?

Sit with these images, feelings, and revelations for a few minutes. Breathe deeply and calmly, allowing your mind to digest these thoughts.

As you slowly bring your awareness back to your physical surroundings, carry these insights with you. Remember that the veil has been lifted, and your authentic self is ready to engage with the world around you. How will this newfound clarity influence your actions and interactions moving forward?

Remember, this is your journey of self-discovery, and there's no right or wrong.

Take your time and allow yourself to fully experience and explore your true, authentic self and your deep connection to the world.

Thank you for reading. XOXO, Missy


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