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Palomas of Fireworks

Palomas of Fireworks

Original Painting

8"x 10"

Encaustic & Cold Wax

Maple Frame



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Palomas of Fireworks
Palomas of Fireworks

"Palomas of Fireworks" is a vivid portrayal of the enthralling La Alborada, a symbolic reenactment of Archangel San Miguel's celestial battle against Lucifer. Set against the backdrop of the neo-Gothic style San Miguel Parish, this painting captures the explosive allure of the hour-long pyrotechnic spectacle.


As the clock strikes 4 in the morning, the plaza is set ablaze with a kaleidoscope of fireworks, symbolizing the fervent battle between light and dark. Every vibrant flash is a testament to the deep-rooted beliefs and traditions that resonate through San Miguel. With every burst of color, onlookers erupt in joy, their shouts of exhilaration echoing the collective spirit of the occasion.


The painting goes beyond mere representation; it is an immersive experience. You can almost hear the vibrant music, feel the rhythmic dances offered as tribute, and sense the hope and anticipation of blessings from the Archangel for the year to come.


"Palomas of Fireworks" not only showcases the spectacle but also dives deep into the faith, tradition, and communal spirit that make the La Alborada a cherished event in San Miguel. Through the canvas, the viewer is invited to be a part of this magical moment, where history, belief, and celebration intertwine under the radiant glow of fireworks.

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Palomas of Fireworks
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