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Mexico Has Away of Reminding Us

Mexico Has Away of Reminding Us

Original Painting


Encaustic & Cold Wax

Maple Frame



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Mexico Has Away of Reminding Us_edited.jpg
Mexico Has of Reminding us

Mexico has a unique knack for teaching us to seize each day with grandeur, to immerse ourselves in its vibrant hues and captivating sounds. As you gaze upon this painting, let yourself be transported into the heart of the city, teeming with rich cultural art and a riot of colors, accompanied by the rhythmic beats of a marching band. 


This artwork invigorates all your senses, making them come alive. The aroma of street corn wafting through the air, the spicy tang of hot chili powder tickling your taste buds, the echoing sound of fireworks in the distance, and a visual feast of colors - all these elements converge to bring the essence of Mexico alive.

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Mexico Has of Reminding us
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