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Mascarillas (Masks)

Mascarillas (Masks)

Original Painting

5"x 7"

Encaustic & Cold Wax

Maple Frame


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Mascarillas (Masks)
Mascarillas (Masks)

"Mascarillas (Masks)" is a deeply evocative portrayal of the mystical allure and profound spiritual resonance of masks. The canvas brings forth the myriad masks that have long intrigued and captivated me, particularly their potent ability to transport one to unseen dimensions and vocalize silent histories.


A mask is more than just an artifact; it's a doorway.

A doorway that, when entered through ritual, positions the wearer at the delicate crossroads of now and then, of life and afterlife, of our known world and the mysterious otherworld.


The inspiration for this piece is deeply rooted in my experience at the Another Face of Mexico mask museum in San Miguel De Allende. The painting encapsulates the museum's essence, serving as a window into the traditional cultures cradled within the vibrant landscapes of colonial Mexico. 


In "Mascarillas (Masks)," the viewer is invited to not just observe but to feel, to connect, and to journey across time and spiritual realms, all through the transformative power of masks.

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Mascarillas (Masks)
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