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La Alborada

La Alborada

Original Painting


Encaustic & Cold Wax

Maple Frame


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La Alborada Encaustic
La Alborada

This artwork was born out of my inspiring journeys from Paris, France, to San Miguel de Allende in the autumn of 2022. I delve into the novel concept of painting sound.


This piece is a vibrant representation of the Alborada and Celebration of San Miguel Archangel, the patron saint of San Miguel. The celebration is an intriguing and traditional spectacle where different sections of the town host grand parties till the early morning, then converge in a grand parade around two-thirty in the main square.


La Alborada is a symbol of the celestial conflict between Archangel San Miguel and Lucifer, which is depicted through an impressive firework show that spans roughly an hour. Units from every neighborhood congregate in the Jardin, infusing the city with color and rhythm through traditional dances, commonly featuring stars and the harmonious melodies of a wind band. 


With the first strike of the public clock at 04:00 hours, the canvas of the sky is ignited with a dazzling firework display. And indeed, they do more than just ignite; they set the heavens ablaze with their fiery spectacle.

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La Alborada
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