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Castillos ( Castle)

Castillos ( Castle)

Original Painting

5"x 7"

Encaustic & Cold Wax

Maple Frame



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Castillos ( Castle)
Castillos ( Castle)

"Castillos (Castle)" is a canvas that encapsulates a mesmerizing journey through the untouched Mexican countryside. The painting vividly narrates an expedition surrounded by free-roaming wild horses, sprawling hill valleys, and the reflective sheen of a majestic river. 


At the heart of this landscape, the painting unveils the magnificence of an ancient pyramid, seemingly reaching out to touch the heavens. This towering structure stands as a testament to the celestial reverence of the Otomi people. The site, dedicated to the Moon, the Sun, and Venus, echoes the Otomi's deep-rooted beliefs in the dualities of existence: the juxtaposition of the heavens and earth, the feminine & Masculine , and the interplay between the Sun and Moon. 


Every brushstroke captures the profound spiritual essence of the House of the Thirteen Heavens. "Castillos" is more than just a painting; it's an odyssey, beckoning viewers to explore the sacred mysteries of ancient Mexican civilizations and immerse themselves in the beauty and spirituality of the land.

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Castillos ( Castle)
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