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Ash That SanctuaryMade For Praise

Ash That Sanctuary Made For Praise

Original Painting

8"x 12"

Encaustic & Cold Wax



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Ash That Sanctuary Made For Praise
Ash That Sanctuary Made For Praise

This painting, titled "Ash That Sanctuary Made For Praise," is a poignant homage to the Cathedral Notre Dame, particularly reflecting its state after the devastating fire that left it exposed and vulnerable. Positioned against the backdrop of the famed "Shakespeare and Company" bookstore, the depiction is not just an artistic rendering but a personal testimony, filled with longing and reverence.

The Notre Dame stands as a symbol of resilience in this painting, its charred structure a painful reminder of what was lost, yet also a testament to what endures. The scaffolding and signs of reconstruction speak to the relentless human spirit, and the commitment to preserving and restoring beauty and history.

But beyond the physical details, the painting reaches deeper, into the very soul of the cathedral. The desire to seek sanctuary within its "gargoyled walls" translates into an intricate portrayal of the Gothic architecture, where every stone and every window seems to whisper stories of faith, art, and culture. The famous stained-glass windows, even in their damaged state, reflect a kaleidoscope of colors and emotions, casting an ethereal glow that permeates the scene.

There's a profound sense of intimacy in this artwork, as though the viewer is standing right there with me, sharing in the wish to enter this sacred space once more. The painting is a dialogue with history, a prayer for restoration, and a tribute to an iconic symbol of Paris.

It invites contemplation, urging the viewer to look beyond the damage to see the inherent grace and majesty of Notre Dame. In its ashes and brokenness, the cathedral still stands as a sanctuary made for praise, echoing the human capacity for hope, healing, and reverence for the sublime.

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Ash That Sanctuary Made For Praise
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