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Revelation Of The Soul

Revelation of the Soul

Original Painting



1.5" Deep cradle wood panel (Unframed, but can be added for an additional $)


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Revelation Of The Soul
Revelation Of The Soul

"Revelation of the Soul" illuminates a state of sheer joy, abundance, and harmony in synchrony with divine order. This piece marks a pivotal moment when the veil lifts and the dual cycles of consciousness intersect, initiating a profound unveiling of the soul. This process is not merely about surpassing earthly limitations but transcending even the bounds of love. It's a harmonious blend of sound, light, movement, and color, unfolding a spiritual experience that stretches across space and time.


"Revelation of the Soul" is more than mere artistry; it's a reflective canvas that captures the voyage of life. It poses a profound introspective challenge to us as denizens of Earth to expose our authentic selves and comprehend our essential roles within our shared ecosystem.

Yet, simultaneously, it articulates the individual odyssey, imparting the realization that each one of us has a unique journey, an exclusive reality crafted solely for us.


In essence, "Revelation of the Soul" is a reminder to follow that path, to explore your unique reality, and to recognize the power you hold to shape it.


It's a call to embrace your authentic self, resonate with the rhythm of the Earth, and align with the harmony of existence.

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Revelation Of The Soul
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