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1.5" Cradle Wood Panel


When the veil is lifted, it's as though a soft mist has cleared from before our eyes, allowing us to witness the world, and ourselves, in a new light of clarity and authenticity.

This unveiling is a transformative process, a revelation of our true selves, unobscured by the pretenses or facades we often feel compelled to wear. It fosters a deep connection with our planet, prompting us to reflect upon our existence as humble beings within an extraordinary ecosystem.

This connection resonates with the symphony of existence – the melodious sound of the wind, the radiant light of the sun, the graceful movement of the waves, and the vibrant color palette of a blossoming garden, all embodying the essence of pure joy.

This joy transcends the physical dimensions of space and time, transporting us to a realm where spiritual experiences are more profound than mere expressions of love. It offers a glimpse into a sublime world that lies beyond the tangible, inviting us to bask in the infinite expanse of our inner cosmos.

The Veil

SKU: 364215376135191
  • 30"x 40" Encaustic Painting 

    1.5" Cradle Wood Panel

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