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Summer Storm

Cold Wax & Oil

Original Painting

36" x48"


This abstract painting captures the tumultuous beauty of a summer storm, embodying the dynamic energy of summer—sounds, light, and geometric patterns shaped by standing waves and fractal patterns.


These elements reflect the collective consciousness of a vibrant coastal town during the summer season, a central theme of the "Sounds of Summer" collection.


The artwork abstractly captures everything we cherish about the season, from vivid, tropical celebrations to the colors that evoke each unique scene, painting not just color but sound.


Streaks of deep blues and vibrant yellows streak across the canvas, mimicking stormy skies pierced by fleeting sunlight. Textured layers and sporadic splashes evoke the chaotic dance of raindrops, while darker tones hint at thunderclouds looming nearby.


Each piece in this collection also incorporates hidden symbols—sometimes subtle, sometimes bold—like spirals, circles, or bursts of lines, each symbolizing growth and emergence, and representing fragments of sound, light, and energy.

Summer Storm 36x48

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