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🌟 The Great 2023 Do-Over: Because January is Just a Trial Month, Right? 🌟

Hello, fabulous beings! Welcome to the whimsical world of Artful Awakening #3, where we talk about the art of pressing the reset button because, let's be honest, January is just a dress rehearsal for 2024. If you've been wondering about my radio silence last month – join the club, I'm wondering too! It seems my life decided to take a rollercoaster ride without my permission. 

🔄 Return to Start: Because Life Doesn't Come With a Manual

2023 felt like a game of Monopoly where I landed on 'Go to Jail' way too many times. But hey, it's never too late for a do-over! So, I'm hitting the 'Return to Start' button and getting ready to roll the dice again. Who's with me?

🌱 Refocusing and Cocooning: It's Not Laziness, It's Strategic Resting

How was your 2024 kickoff? A firework display of success or a bit like trying to jog through a pool of molasses? If you're like me and see the magic in waiting out the winter months, cocooning under blankets, and daydreaming, then you're my kind of strategist.

🚀 Claiming Desires: 2024, Let's Be Friends!

I'm all set to make friends with 2024. I'm done playing hide and seek with my aspirations. The Universe has my back. So, goodbye to the overworked, unhealthy, fear-led version of me. Hello to a year of clarity, setting boundaries, and remembering to breathe before I say 'yes' or 'no' to anything.

🎯 Goal Setting Time: Dream Big, My Friends!

Now, let’s get down to the fun part – goal setting! Dream as big as the universe, add a sprinkle of stardust, and let's get inspired. Here are some prompts to get your creative juices flowing:

 Affirmation for the Month:

Affirmation for the Month: "I am the author of my story. Each day, I write a new page filled with courage, joy, and a sprinkle of daring!"

"I am the author of my story. Each day, I write a new page filled with courage, joy, and a sprinkle of daring!"

Meditation Prompt

Meditation Prompt: Crafting Your Life's Story

1. Find Your Space: Choose a quiet, comfortable place where you can sit undisturbed. Sit in a relaxed but alert position.

2. Begin with Deep Breaths: Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Inhale slowly through your nose, filling your lungs completely, and exhale gently through your mouth. With each breath, feel more relaxed and centered.

3. Visualize a Blank Book: In your mind's eye, imagine a beautiful, blank book in front of you. This book represents your life story, waiting to be written by you.

4. Embrace Your Role as the Author: Acknowledge to yourself, "I am the author of my story." Feel the power and responsibility that comes with this role.

5. Visualize Writing Your Story: Picture yourself picking up a pen and starting to write on the first page of this book. With each word, visualize writing your desired experiences, feelings, and adventures. 

6. Infuse Your Story with Qualities: As you write, infuse your story with courage, joy, and daring. See yourself facing challenges bravely, finding joy in small moments, and daring to step outside your comfort zone.

7. Feel the Emotions: Allow yourself to feel the emotions associated with your visualized experiences. Experience the happiness, excitement, and pride that come from living a life true to yourself.

8. Turn the Page: Imagine turning the page each day, ready to add new experiences and chapters. Every page represents a new opportunity, a fresh start.

9. Concluding Your Session: When you feel ready, gently bring your attention back to the present. Take a few deep breaths and slowly open your eyes.

10. Carry Your Story with You: As you move through your day, remember that you are the author of your story. Each moment is an opportunity to write a new page filled with courage, joy, and a sprinkle of daring.

This meditation is designed to empower you to take control of your life narrative, reminding you that every day is a chance to create a story worth telling.

Crafting Your Narrative
Journaling Prompt

Journaling Prompt: Crafting Your Narrative

Reflect on the affirmation: "I am the author of my story. Each day, I write a new page filled with courage, joy, and a sprinkle of daring!"

1. Envision Your Ideal Chapter: Imagine you are about to write an ideal chapter of your life. What would it include? Describe this chapter in detail. What adventures or experiences would you pursue? How would you showcase courage, joy, and daring in these scenarios?

2. Reflect on Today's Page: Think about the current day or the most recent one. What did you write on this page of your life? Were there moments of courage, instances of joy, or dashes of daring? How did these elements manifest in your day-to-day actions and decisions?

3. Your Courageous Moments: Write about a time when you displayed courage. It could be something big or small. How did this act of bravery change the course of your story?

4. Joyful Highlights: Recall and jot down moments that brought you genuine joy. What were you doing? Who were you with? How can you include more of these joyful moments in the pages of your life story?

5. Daring Dreams: What are some things you've always wanted to do but haven't yet dared to try? List these dreams and explore what's holding you back. How can you sprinkle a little more daring into your life's narrative?

6. Scripting Tomorrow: Imagine you have the power to script tomorrow. What would you write? How would you infuse your day with courage, joy, and daring? Be as imaginative and detailed as possible.

7. Long-Term Plot: Think about the broader story of your life. Where do you see your narrative going? What are your long-term goals and aspirations? How does each day's page contribute to this larger plot?

8. Author's Reflection: Reflect on what it feels like to be the author of your story. How does this perspective empower you to take control of your life's narrative?

This journaling exercise is designed to help you consciously shape your life's narrative, recognizing the power you hold in writing each new page with intention, bravery, and joy.

Artist Retreats
Sketching Prompt

Sketching Prompt:

Visualizing Your Life's Story

1. Setting the Scene: Before you begin, find a comfortable and inspiring place to sketch. Gather your favorite sketching materials – pencils, ink, colored pencils, or whatever you prefer.

2. The Book of Life: Start by sketching a book – this represents your life story. It can be an open book with blank pages, a book with its pages fluttering in the wind, or any other creative representation that resonates with you.

3. Symbols of Courage: On one page of the book, sketch symbols that represent courage to you. It could be a lion, a shield, a bright sun rising, or even abstract shapes that convey bravery and strength.

4. Joyful Imagery: On another page, depict what joy looks like in your life. This could be a scene of laughter, a serene landscape, a group of friends, or any imagery that fills you with a sense of happiness.

5. A Sprinkle of Daring: Add elements that symbolize daring and adventure. This could be a figure stepping off a cliff into the unknown, a tiny boat in a vast ocean, or a character trying something new and exciting.

6. Your Story Unfolding: In the background or on the next pages of the book, illustrate how these qualities of courage, joy, and daring unfold in your life's journey. You can use symbols, abstract patterns, or literal scenes that represent your experiences and aspirations.

7. Personal Touch: Feel free to add personal elements that are significant to your story – be it people, places, or events. These can be subtly integrated into the pages of the book or around it.

8. Color and Texture: Use colors and textures that reflect the emotions and energy of the affirmation. Bold colors for courage, bright and warm shades for joy, and contrasting hues for daring.

9. Reflect and Absorb: Once your sketch is complete, take a moment to look at it and reflect. How does seeing these elements visualized reinforce the affirmation for you? How does it make you feel about your life's story?

This sketching exercise is an invitation to visually explore and reinforce the affirmation, "I am the author of my story. Each day, I write a new page filled with courage, joy, and a sprinkle of daring!" Let your creativity flow as you illustrate the chapters of your life.

So, here's to a year of rediscovering ourselves, setting audacious goals, and finding joy in the journey. Let's make 2024 a year to remember – one filled with laughter, creativity, and maybe just a little bit of organized chaos. 

Thank You for reading the third edition of Artful Awakening - The Art of Starting Over (Again)

Stay artsy, stay dreamy, and most importantly, stay you!

With love and light, and most importantly, with joy,

XOXO, Missy

P.S. Don’t forget to join our Facebook group for Artful Awakening and share your dreams, sketches, and aha-moments. Let’s make this a collective journey of growth and giggles!


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